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Hello Michael Levy: 
   I am Victor Fic, a Canadian journalist in Seoul. 
   I can help you connect with a North Korea expert who can shed light on Kim Jong-il's family as per your request. A veteran Korean watcher and journalist named Brad Martin -- an American now teaching journalism in Louisiana after decades in East Asia -- and author of an 800-page tome on the north comes to mind. The book offered several detailed chapters on the family mafia/ties aspect of the regime. 
   I doubt if Brad will be upset if I post his email to a list of Korea experts, especially those who might buy and study his excellent book. An Asiatimes editor slated me to review it and interview him, but then apparently another editor gave the plum assignment to someone else while. Anyhow, see the review at www.atimes.com.
    Write him at: bradleykmartin at gmail.com 
   Best of luck with this project and do share your results. 
Victor Fic

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