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“Korea and Korean Studies: Vision from Asia”


In succession of the 8th Conference on Korean Studies held in India, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hanoi in coordination with the Academy for Korean Studies will organize the 9th International Conference in the late 2008 on Korean Studies in Pacific Asia. It is our hope that with the interest and participation of the researchers on Korean Studies, the forthcoming conference will promote the development of Korean Studies in Asia and intensify the understanding each other among the nations as well a their peoples in Pacific Asia.

Time: November 25 - 27, 2008

Venue: University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU, Hanoi

Languages used in the conference: Korean, English, Vietnamese

Expenses for the Conference:

+ Accommodation: Paid by the Organizing Committee of the Conference during the time of the Conference (3 nights from November 24, 25, 26, 2008). Out of these days: paid by oneself.

+ Food: Paid by the Organizing Committee during the time of the Conference (from the evening November 24 to the noon of November 27, 2008)

+ Transport: Self-financed (The Organizing Committee will support the expenses for the transport between the Hotel and the Conference) 

+ Other expenses: Paid by oneself

Overview on the conference

-        Subject: Korea and Korean Studies: Vision from Asia

-        Contents:

We would state that the recent position of Korea in Asia has been remarkably strengthened against the clock. By the increase of trade scale, the expansion of human resources exchange through tourism and study-abroad programs and especially the strengthening of intercultural relations through Hallyu between South Korea and the Asian nations, Korea and Korean culture have been welcomed as a marvelous phenomenon that would be impossible to be anticipated. Currently, Korean culture not only belongs to the Koreans themselves but to all the peoples, in Asia, who love it. In spite of the remarkable positiveness as mentioned above, the major in Korean studies in Asia has just stayed at the rudimentary stage. In the capacity as a synthetic major in Korean history, society and culture, Korean studies in the region is still weak in both quality and quantity while the foundation of Korean studies is being created by the increasing demand of Korean language education. For making the Asian peoples better understand Korea, it is necessary to create a combination of the interest of more Asians, initially with the Hallyu movement, and the development of Korean studies. The conference aims at advancing a multifaceted look on “Korea and Korean Studies: Vision from Asia”. Therefore, the main contents of this conference emphasize on the following specific issues:

+ Korean Culture in the Asian Culture

+ Asian Culture in the Korean Culture

+ Korea and Asia in history: Conflict and Cooperation Experience

+ Korea and Asia in the 21st Century: Issues and Future Prospects

+ Recent Achievements and the Prospects of Korean Studies in Asia 


       - Registration for presenting the paper

Anyone who would like to participate in this conference should send a summarized report concerning to one of the aforementioned subjects and the personal information as the following heading:

+ Title of the paper and the summary: Approximately 450 letters (English, Font size: 12, one A4 page)

+ Language of presentation: Korean ‚, English ‚, Vietnamese ‚

+ Personal Information: Name, Nationality, Sex, Current Institution at work and Position, Highest Diploma and Place of Conferment, Major, Email, Phone Number and Address in a page. 

+ Style of Compilation: MS Word (Korean, Font size: 10 point; English, Vietnamese, Font size: 12 points, double space)

+ Deadline of receiving the papers: March 31, 2008

+ Way of sending the papers: Email 

   - Receiving Email Address: leegs at aks.ac.kr (for the English or Korean papers)

                                                            htvn30 at yahoo.com (for Vietnamese papers)

·         The result of selecting the papers is to inform on April 30, 2008

·         The expected speakers in the conference should submit the papers before September 30, 2008

·         Style and language of compiling the papers would be informed together with the result of selecting the summarized report.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee,



Nguyen Van Khanh 

Chairman, Organizing Committee of the 9th PACKS  

Rector, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi, Vietnam 


Nak-Whan Paik 

Conference Director of  PACKS

Visiting Professor

USSH, Hanoi, Vietnam


Gilsang Lee 

Executive Director, PACKS 

Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies 
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