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I am happy to be able to inform list members that the volume of 108 'Zen' ('Seon') poems by Ko Un originally published by Parallax Press (Berkeley) in 1997 with the title 'Beyond Self', long since out of print, has just been republished by the same publisher with the title 'What?' (reflecting the original Korean title 'Muonya'). Some of the translations have been slightly revised, the book is in a smaller format with one poem per page, and it now includes ink drawings by the poet (the drawings in 'Beyond Self' were not his).
The full ISBN is 978 1 888375 65 7 and it can easily be found in online bookstores by a search for 'What? 108'  (the full title is : What? 108 Zen Poems). This new edition retains the splendid Foreword by Allen Ginsberg, one of the last texts he ever wrote. Parallax Press also published Ko Un's Buddhist novel 'Little Pilgrim' (Korean title 'Hwa-eom-gyeong') in 2005.
It is anticipated that the volume of translations of a selection from Ko Un's entire production 1960 - 2002 that we have been working on for many years will be published in the coming weeks by Green Integer (LA) with the title 'Songs for Tomorrow' but more of that in due course.
Brother Anthony

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