[KS] New translation of Han Yongun's writings

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Global Oriental has a tie-in with the University of Hawaii Press, which
handles US distribution.


Jim Hoare



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I wonder if there are plans to have a U.S. distributor?  Amazon in the U.S.
does not have the title (nor for that matter does Amazon UK nor Barnes &
Noble in the U.S., although I see Blackwell's in the UK does). 

Owen Miller <owen at saudade.plus.com> wrote: 

Dear list members,

A new translation of some of Manhae Han Yongun's most important non-literary
writings, including his "On the Reformation of Korean Buddhism" (ChosOn
pulgyo yusin non) is now available from Global Oriental publishers,
translated by Prof. Vladimir Tikhonov and myself:

Selected Writings of Han Yongun: From Social Darwinism to ‘Socialism with a
Buddhist Face’
ISBN 978-1-905246-47-2 - 192pp. - Case
March 2007 - £40.00 http://www.globaloriental.co.uk/book.asp?Title_ID=129

Best wishes,
Owen Miller
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