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The application deadline for our first Korea-America Student Conference is
approaching fast, but we are still seeking motivated students interested in
Korea to apply.


This program is NOT just for Korean-Americans and we are looking to build a
diverse American delegation representative of our entire county.  If you
know a student who would make an excellent delegate, please offer to write
them a letter or recommendation and let me know you would like to nominate


KASC is a unique student-run program based on the prestigious 75-year old
Japan-America Student Conference.  Don't let your students miss this
exciting opportunity.


Regina Dull

Executive Director

rdull at iscdc.org




1st Korea-America Student Conference
George Washington University, Brown University, University of Tennessee, &
University of California-Berkeley


Join 40 other students from the US and Korea for a month of cultural
exchange, travel and fun!  


Applications Due: March 1  -- STUDENTS who mention receiving this notice on
KoreaWeb will not be penalized for late applications if they send the
application form & questions by March 15.  


Meet leaders and students that will improve your career network in this
unique student-led cultural and academic exchange which will host its
inaugural program next. Students will discuss their research on topics of
bilateral and global interest and enjoy prominent speakers in the month-long


The theme for the first Korea-America Student Conference held July 5-31,
2008, will be "A New Look at the U.S.-Korea Alliance."  


Created due to military necessity, the U.S.-Korea alliance has grown and
evolved over the last fifty years. Today, the Republic of Korea and the
United States work as partners on issues ranging from trade agreements and
nuclear threats to education and technology. Over the next year both Korea
and the US will undergo changes in leadership which could significantly
impact their policies and interactions worldwide. As this alliance continues
to change, KASC will ensure students play an active role as they prepare to
become the next generation of leaders.


This year's Roundtable topics include:

Preparing Global Citizens: Education Focused on International Concerns 

>From Yongbyon to Kaesong - The Future of North Korea 

Wired for Business: Technology's Role in the US-Korea Alliance 

Shaping Regionalism in East Asia: Peace and Security


Although many participants will be Asian Studies and East Asian Studies
majors, this is not a requirement.  All types of students from any field and
level of study are welcome at the conference.  Knowledge of the Korean
language is not required.


For applications or more information, please visit www.iscdc.org
<http://www.iscdc.org/>  or e-mail kasc at iscdc.org. 

KASC is a program of International Student Conferences, Inc., a non-profit
organization dedicated to promoting peace by furthering mutual
understanding, friendship, and trust through international student


Join a group of 40 students from universities across the U.S. and Korea for
a summer of study, travel, and fun!


Korea-America Student Conference
Regina Dull, Executive Director
1150 18th St. NW, Suite LL2
Washington, DC 20036


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