[KS] (#2) Korean Modernism & Postmodernism (Call for Papers)

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Tue Jul 15 19:20:21 EDT 2008

Hello All:

Last December I posted a Call for Papers for a planned book on Korean 
Modernism.  I like to re-post this here and remind those interested 
in the book project that the deadline is August 15, 2008. I also 
would like to clarify -- although the project is based in Hamburg -- 
that the participation of graduate students and scholars from other 
countries and regions is most welcome! This will be a bilingual 
publication in English and German.

After the last posting there were some inquiries to further explain 
the note about "country study approaches and national identity 
wrap-ups." I intentionally left that open for interpretation, as it 
is not intended to ask for any specific methodological approach. But 
it is an attempt to block certain established area studies routines 
in interpreting culture, methods that seem little convincing when we 
discuss contemporary art. For further clarification please refer to 
the "Anti-Area Studies" article 
by Japanese Australian historian T. Morris-Suzuki that once started 
the much-needed debate.

Best regards,
Frank Hoffmann

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The Project:
The majority of students in the "Korean Modernism" class will revise 
their term papers for publication in a planned book on Modernism and 
Postmodernism in Korea. The project is also open for additional 
submissions from other students at Hamburg University and our new 
HafenCity University. In addition, students outside Hamburg 
interested in this planned publication are invited to submit papers. 
This project is not officially endorsed or financed by Hamburg 

Papers on Modernism and Postmodernism in Korea are welcome. Other 
than art, the submission of texts in the field of architecture and 
city planning (keyword 'corporate culture') is also encouraged, 
provided they are not of a technical nature.

Underlying Concept:
Authors should share the planned publication's underlying visual 
culture approach. Country study approaches, national identity 
wrap-ups to explain artwork, and summarizing histories will be 
discouraged. Please email editor for any questions you might have.

Publication Languages:
English and German

Manuscript Submission Deadline:
August 15, 2008

Frank Hoffmann

[ still open ]


Frank Hoffmann,  info AT koreaproject.info

Please do not send in any manuscripts without prior email 
communication about the topic and various other issues.

Frank Hoffmann
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