[KS] Library of Congress Korean Controversy

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Before we make any assertions about what is proper or not, wouldn't 
it be wise to see what the US government (or any other country) does 
in case of other disputed islands or lands with other countries?

At 04:10 AM 7/19/2008, you wrote:
>I too was a little surprised to see what seems to me to be Korean
>nationalism masquerading as scholarship, although I suppose it goes with
>international campaigns to have a particular view represented on maps, in
>encyclopediae and so on. I have no doubt that those expressing indignation
>about the apparent moves by the Library of Congress are sincere but I do
>have doubts about using this particular list to express these views.
>Liancourt Rocks is indeed a neutral term, if a little quaint, in the
>Korean-Japanese dispute over these rocks, and that is its appeal. No case is
>argued, it is merely asserted.
>As far as I know, no countries apart from Japan, the ROK and the DPRK take a
>position on the ownership of this territory, which is why a neutral term is
>I can see that if the Library of Congress really was going to drop all
>reference to the Korean claim, some Koreans might be upset. But given that
>there is a dispute, avoiding any views on which country should have
>sovereignty would seem to make sense.
>Jim Hoare

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