[KS] Korean Shakespeare-movies or -dramas?

kevin parks kevin at macosx.com
Sat Jul 19 01:03:26 EDT 2008


This is perhaps slightly askew of your topic perhaps (since you ask for 
only TV dramas and movies), but there are also Korean Plays which are 
derived from Shakespeare's plots. I only know of one, but I imagine 
there are many others. The Sadari Movement Lab's /Spectrum/ was intended 
to be an experimental "Koreanized" reading of Hamlet. In the spirit of 
full disclosure: I wrote the music for this production (which ran at the 
Seoul Arts Center in October 1999). I am sure there must be other 
adaptions/appropriations/remixes of Shakespeare's plays to appear on 
Korean stages.

Kevin Parks

Jan Creutzenberg wrote:
> Dear Koreanists,
> I am a student of theatre and currently working on a paper about the 
> Korean reception of Shakespeare's plays. Cinematic adaptions may have 
> an important influence on the way Shakespeare was and is seen in 
> Korea. While foreign Shakespeare-movies were shown in Korea (beginning 
> with Beerbohm Tree as Macbeth in 1917) as far as I know there exist no 
> Korean movies that are based on Shakespeare.
> Is this correct? I'm also interested in movies and TV-dramas that deal 
> with performances of Shakespeare plays as part of their plot. Do You 
> know anything that could help me?
> Greetings, Jan Creutzenberg

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