[KS] Name used for "god" in Korean language

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Many answers for your questions can be found in the following chapter of sb's dissertation:

 "Modern History of Korean Religions" - http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/dissertations/2003-1215-112739/c3.pdf

All chapters are available on-line (from .../c1.pdf, .../c2.pdf  and so on) but what is missing in this archive it is the title page with the name of an author. I hope you can find it anyway.

Emilia Szalkowska

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> 1. What is the word in Korean for "God"? (Transliteration, please)
> 2. Is this an original Korean word, or one introduced by Christian 
> missionaries?
> 3. Is it the same word used in traditional Korean folk religion (e.g. 
> shamanism) and in Buddhism?
> 4. Is the same word used in both North and South Korea?
> 5. In North Korea, is the same word for "God" used both in reference 
> to the Christian God (e.g. in worship services of the Korean Christian 
> Federation) and in reference to the "Great Leader"? (Explanation: I am 
> told that the word "god" is not used in reference the the GL. However, 
> on several occasions my interpreters in the DPRK did use the word 
> "god" in reference to KIS. This may have been a wrong translation. 
> Example: Referring to the young age at which KIS founded the PKA, one 
> interpreter told me, "That is why I consider him a god.")
> 6. If not, what distinguishes the two words/concepts used?
> Thanks for any clarifications you can render.
> Erich Weingartner

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