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Exchange Programme of European Lecturers from Sciences Po  The Korean Studies Chair of Sciences Po (Paris) is going to apply to the EPEL programme this year and would like to announce the availability of its next chair holder, Prof. KIM Shin Dong, currently Director of the Institute for Communication Arts & Technology and Professor of the School of Communication at Hallym University, Korea. He is going to serve the chair position from early October 2008 to the end of June 2009 and will be glad to participate to the EPEL Programme as a guest lecturer. Dr Kim’s major area of research and teaching covers modern Korean media culture including cinema, television, and new media such as the Internet and mobile communication. He also teaches on transnational media consumption in the East Asian context including the Korean Wave, or Hallyu. Other areas include policy issues on media and politics; political economy of information society, and democratization and media. Dr Kim has been
 invited to teach internationally in the last few years at Dartmouth College, US; Macquarie University, Australia; Peking University, China; University of the Philippines, etc. Arrangements for his guest lecture may be made through korea.chair at sciences-po.fr

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