[KS] candlelight demonstrations in Korea and the beef deal issue

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Dear Ronda and All: 

I peeked quickly at one of the English Lang. newspapers in Korea, the first
address below.  There was without looking hard one short article (second
address).  They have an archive that might be useful.  There is another
paper to look up as well, the Korea Herald.  It might also be useful 

The issue is Beef imports from the U.S., but the subtext is the style of a
very imperious President.  He made this decision without consulting
anyone....and it was seen as acting like a lap dog to the U.S.   This on his
visit several months ago to the White House.  Chances are this will be
continuing when we are in Seoul so I will brief you on this in Chicago and
we can talk about evasive action and demonstration etiquette.  




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I did an article about the current candlelight demonstrations in South
Korea for OhmyNews International. The url is:


South Korean Gov't Mishandled Beef Deal
[Analysis] Korean netizens continue candlelight vigils

Also OhmyTV is covering the demonstrations live.


I am interested in articles that help to understand the significance
of the demonstrations.

It would be good to know more of the slogans on the signs and banners
as those help to indicate some of the thrust of the grievances and
visions of the participants.

with best wishes


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