[KS] Japanese-Korean Relations Seminar in Tokyo

Lionel Babicz babicz at mfj.gr.jp
Mon Jun 16 20:58:24 EDT 2008

The next meeting of the Maison franco-japonaise
(Nichifutsu kaikan) seminar on Japanese-Korean relations
will be held as follows:

Thursday, June 19, 18:00
Maison franco-japonaise, Tokyo
Room 601
Marie S. Kim (St Cloud State University)
Reconstruire la coutume et le droit : la modernisation de
la justice civile en Coree coloniale
(Shukan to ho no saikochiku : shokuminchika no Chosen ni
okeru minjisaiban no kindaika)

The lecture will be held in French, with Japanese

The Maison franco-Japonaise is located near the Ebisu
Access map : http://www.mfj.gr.jp/acces/
Everybody is welcome to attend.


Maison franco-japonaise (Bureau francais)
3-9-25, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013
Tel. 03-5421-7641 / Fax 03-5421-7651
Email: info at mfj.gr.jp
Web page: http://www.mfj.gr.jp/

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