[KS] AKS-2008 Korean Studies Institution Grant Application Announcement

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Mon Jun 30 22:30:25 EDT 2008

2008 Korean Studies Institution Grant Application Announcement

AKS would like to announce that 2008 grant applications will be
accepted from June 4 through 13 July 2008.

If your institution meets the criteria and has an interest in creating
a program which requires medium- to long-term support, please consider
2008 proposal guidelines and submit a project proposal. Please read
the following brief guidelines carefully.

1. Designated regions/areas: all countries in the world

2. Eligibility

- A university with at least two full-time faculty members in a Korean
studies program and a graduate degree program in Korean studies, * or
- Even if it does not meet the above eligibility requirement, a
university with programs related to Korean studies can carry out
consortium projects with a university (or universities) that has a
degree program in Korean studies (including interdisciplinary
consortiums within the university) **

* This faculty member must hold a Ph.D. and teach full-time in the
field of Korean studies at the time of application.
** For consortium projects, each participating university may have a
project group for coordinating related activities. In this case, the
primary grantee institution and the head of the umbrella project group
will have responsibility and authority over the overall project.

3. Application Period: Application begins Thursday, June 4, 2008, and
ends Sunday, July 13th.

4. Yearly Suppot Amount

-Each applicant (a university or a consortium) for a KSIG project,
located in North America, Europe, Oceania, and Japan, can submit
yearly budget of 200million KRW. The total amount for the 5 year
project is 1000 million KRW per each university or each consortium.
-Each applicant for a KSIG project, located in other area, can submit
yearly budget of 50million -100million KRW. The total amount for the 5
year project is 250million - 500milliom KRW per each university or
each consortium.

5. Application Procedure

1) Download '2008 Korean Studies Institution Grant Proposal
Guidelines' and write project proposals in Korean or English according
to the guidelines (use hwp or MS Word)
2) Submit a project proposal (including Korean or English abstract)
and supporting documents using the application form on the KSIG
3) KSIG website (www.aks.ac.kr/ksig) → Application → Apply to KSIG →
Application Form →Send
4) Submit documents online by deadline (July 13, 2008) and a mailed-in
hard copy within two (2) weeks from the deadline.

6. Required Documents

- Project proposal including Korean or English abstract
- Curriculum vitae, list of research achievements, and 2 relevant work
samples of the chair and deputy chair.

7. Contact

- KSIG Website: www.aks.ac.kr/ksig
- Ms. Hyehyun Kim (김혜현)
- E-mail: gotti6071 at aks.ac.kr or ksm at aks.ac.kr
- Tel: 82-31-709-9843 Fax: 82-31-709-9945
- Mailing Address: The Academy of Korean Studies,
                            Center for Information on Korean Culture,
                            International Support Division
                            110 Hao Gogaegil, Unjung-dong, Bundang-gu
                            Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 463-791

For more detail, please refer to the KSIG website and see the attached
file of '2008 Korean Studies Institution Grant Proposal Guidelines.'

- KSIG Korean website: http://www.aks.ac.kr/KSIG/kr/Application/Ksig_Apply.aspx
- KSIG English website:http://www.aks.ac.kr/KSIG/en/Application/Ksig_Apply.aspx

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