[KS] Choson Dynasty Sexuality

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Sun Mar 2 02:36:43 EST 2008

--- dmccann at fas.harvard.edu wrote:

> MP gets it right, as often happens.
> "In the eye of the beholder," maybe?

Shin Yun-bok aka Hyewon was not always so "innocent."

He depicted young girls giving older men handjobs,
harabojis penetrating laughing young lasses (possible
pedophilia from a modern perspective?) and seemed
particularly fond of showing rear-entry or doggy-style

Apparently he was expelled from the royal painting
institute for his overt depictions of hairy genetalia
and human copulation. 

If any scholars have more information on this
particular chapter of Choson erotic art history, I'd
be happy to hear more!

--Scott Bug

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