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Call for reviewers
www.asianintegration.org extends this invitation for scholars and practitioners to review books for our website on East Asian economic integration. The Seoul ASEM Institute for International Relations and Hanns Seidel Foundation in 2007 founded a website to scrutinize the process of economic integration in East Asia with a discussion forum, open for scholars and practitioners likewise. 
If you are interested in reviewing books for www.asianintegration.org, please send an e-mail message mentioning “book reviews” with a short biographical note and a specification of your area of interest to Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Seliger at hss.or.kr). 
Currently, the following books are available for review
1. Severino, Rodolfo C., 2006, Southeast Asia in Search of an ASEAN Community, ISEAS, Singapore. 
2. Nagesh Kumar, Rahul Sen and Mukul Asher. 2006. India-ASEAN Economic Relation : Meeting the Challenges of Globalization, ISEAS, Singapore / RIS India. 
3. Edward Friedman and Sung Chull Kim. 2006. Regional Cooperation and its Enemies in Northeast Asia, London: Routledge. 
4. Peter C.Y. Chow. 2007. Economic Integration, Democratization and National Security in East Asia, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 
5. Charles Harvie, Fukunari Kimura and Hyun-Hoon Lee. 2005. New East Asian Regionalism: Causes, Progeress and Country Perspectives, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. 
6. Charles E. Morrison and Eduardo Pedrosa. 2007. An APEC Trade Agenda? : The Political Economy of a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, ISEAS: Singapore. 
Anyone who is interested in reviewing one of these books can contact us directly for further details at Seliger at hss.or.kr. Please indicate the books you are willing to review (up to 3 choices).
Thank you very much. 
Yours sincerely, 
Dr. Bernhard Seliger
PS: Check out our latest additions. Antonio Fiori reviews “Negotiating the Korea-Singapore FTA. A Case Study by K. Kesavapany and Rahul Sen” and Eva Schmitt reviews “China, the United States, and Southeast Asia, contending perspectives on politics, security and economics by Evelyn Goh and Sheldon W. Simon (eds)”

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