[KS] Announcement of James Scarth Gale Award

Andre Schmid andre.schmid at utoronto.ca
Fri Mar 28 17:44:08 EDT 2008

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The Centre for the Study of Korea at the University of Toronto would like to
congratulate Robin Fletcher for winning the first James Scarth Gale Award
for the translation of Kang Sangjung's Memories of a Zainichi Korean

This extract from Kang Sangjung's autobiography Zainichi (Kodansha, 2004)
describes the experiences of first-generation zainichi ("resident in Japan")
Koreans in the city of Kumamoto, as seen from the perspective of a
second-generation child growing up in the Japan of the 1950s. Now a
professor at the University of Tokyo, in the Graduate School of
Interdisciplinary Information Studies where he specialises in politics and
the history of political thought,  Kang Sangjung looks back at the people
and places of his childhood, taking these personal memories as a starting
point for reflections on identity, 'homeland', and the place of zainichi
Koreans in Japanese society and in the wider society of Northeast Asia.

The translation is available on the Centre's website: www.utoronto.ca/csk

For details concerning the next round of the James Scarth Gale Translation
Award please refer to the above website.

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