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The September program of lectures and tours organized by the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch, is almost complete. Tours and lectures are open to members and non-members alike, with non-members being asked to pay a little more for a tour, and 5000 Won to attend a lecture.
The first lecture will be given next Tuesday, September 9, at 7:30 pm in the Residents' Lounge of Somerset Palace, near Anguk-dong Rotary. Titled  "In quest of Joan Grigsby" it will be a presentation by Brother Anthony of Taize of his ongoing research into the life and writings of Joan S. Grigsby, whose book "The Orchid Door" (Kobe: 1935) is usually considered the first volume of Korean poetry in English translation to have been published. Her identity has long been a puzzle. Following her itinerary from Scotland through Japan to Seoul, the lecture will evoke her life, and also a number of extraordinary women whom she met in Japan and Korea: Lilian Miller, Mary Taylor, Jessie McLaren . . .
[*** I should add for the benefit of those unable to attend the lecture that a considerable quantity of materials relating to these 4 ladies, especially Joan Grigsby, is already available in my home page, the research into details of some aspects is still ongoing: 
RAS-KB Tours are being organized to:
The DongKang River (Sept 7)
Dobong-san etc (Sept 14)
Bugak-san (Sept 15)
Busan (Sept 20)
Gangneung (Sept 20-1)
Buyo and Kongju (Sept 27)
Yeoju (Sept 28)
Full details of lectures and tours are posted on the RAS-KB's web page  
   as soon as they become available. The subject of the Sept 24 lecture will be announced shortly.
Br Anthony (An Sonjae)
Sogang University, Seoul

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