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New Materials about Korea Exclusively Distributed by Cheng & Tsui:*

"Kimchi and IT: Tradition and Transformation in Korea"

By Choong Soon Kim
(Published by Ilchokak)

"Kimchi and IT is an obvious choice for inclusion in our undergraduate syllabi (although one could certainly use it in graduate courses and even business training seminars). It is a powerful anodyne for persistent misrepresentations and misunderstandings of Korean culture and social life." —Samuel Gerald Collins, Korea Journal

Ideal for: Senior high school and college history, cultural studies, Korean studies, and anthroplogy courses.

"Kimchi and IT" offers a comprehensive introduction to Korea old and new by
presenting an overview of racial and cultural origins of Koreans, Korea's history under foreign invasion and colonization, and Korean political transformation toward democracy. The author, a native anthropologist, provides a unique dual perspective from his research in both America and Korea.

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"Encounters: The New Religions of Korea and Christianity"

Edited by Kim Sung-hae and James Heisig
(Published by the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch)

Ideal for: Senior high school and college religious studies and Korean studies courses.

"Encounters" is a collection of essays that seek to understand how the great variety in Korea's modern religious landscape might in fact help Korea
adjust socially and culturally to the global age. Written from multiple perspectives and with varying approaches, the book also includes a transcript of an open exchange between senior members of the major religions in Korea.

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