[KS] DPRKorea as seen from the socialist bloc in the 1950.

Jakub postdali at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 04:42:57 EDT 2009

Dear All
It is my first time to write on this list. Please forgive me any
misunderstandings or mistakes.

I am a Polish student in the Sociology Faculty of the Academy of Korean
Studies, Bundang in South Korea. I am writing an M.D. thesis about the
social influence and reception of the DPRKorea and Kimilsungism in Poland in
the 1950s. It seems to be a very narrow topic yet it is still interesting to
track the materials in the stalinist Poland, and those after the 1956, which
show Pyongyang's communist government.

I have searched quite a bit and found materials and historical sources, as
well as the classic texts (books about North Korea in statu nascendi), yet
still I wonder maybe somebody knows any sources and/or articles treating
about the DPRKorea in the socialist countries, its policy or propaganda, the
way the DPRK was trying to achieve the goal of reconstruction of the country
and become independent of foreign influences, and presenting itself abroad.

I shall be very thankful for any suggestions concerning my thesis topic.
Best regards
Jakub Paprocki
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