[KS] Call for Papers "Innovation and Technology in Korea in International Perspective"

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Call for papers

International Conference
"Innovation and Technology in Korea in International Perspective"
in Vienna, 24 and 25 September 2009

South Korea has attained spectacular economic success in recent decades. It has reached the status of a Newly Advanced Economy, with challenges ever more mirroring those faced by other advanced economies. Such challenges include the necessary upgrading of the labour force, frictions of switching to a national system of innovation and creativeness adapted to R&D-leadership, and designing market-based economic policies that reflect the difficulties to foresee future technological developments. In this context, the consequences for the innovation system of socio-economic change, of socially and environmentally responsible development concepts and of policy-making in reaction to and beyond a period of financial and economic turmoil constitute further issues.

In the forthcoming conference, it is planned to analyse the parallel challenges for innovation and technology for the Republic of Korea and other advanced economies more thoroughly, i. e. to analyse the Korean case with an international, comparative perspective in mind. This comparison and international benchmarking will allow policymakers and scholars to better appreciate how much Korea has already moved into the circle of globally leading economies and what can be done to consolidate and to strengthen its position.

The conference will deepen the outcomes of a former conference (2007) on "R&D and Technology in Korea" and the subsequent book publication (Jörg Mahlich and Werner Pascha (eds.): Innovation and Technology in Korea. Challenges of a Newly Advanced Economy, Heidelberg and New York: Physica/Springer 2007). Subject to the quality of contributions, it is planned to publish the papers of the forthcoming conference as well.

Specific issues might include, among others:

 *   Korea´s position in international comparisons of innovation and technology,
 *   Impact of international trade, foreign direct and investment and licensing on Korea´s technology and innovation system,
 *   Possible ramifications of the global financial and economic crisis on Korea´s innovation system,
 *   Impact of global and regional institutions like OECD, APEC etc. on Korea´s technology and innovation system through peer processes, standardization, and regulation,
 *   Sectoral patterns: Korea´s position to meet international challenges in strategic areas like electronics, biotechnology, environmental ("green") industries, creative industries like film-making or electronic games, etc.,
 *   Business challenges: Developing Korea´s technological competence through international joint ventures, M&A, strategic alliances, international human resource management, etc.
 *   Bilateral and regional issues: competition and cooperation between Korea and Japan, Korea and the US, Korea and China, Korea and the EU, etc.
 *   21st century challenges: Effects of demographic changes in international comparison, resource and energy dependency, environmental concerns, North Korea as a challenge and opportunity for prioritising South Korea´s technological progress.

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, on 24 and 25 September 2009, at the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

It is supported through a Modern Korea Grant of the Academy of Korean Studies under the Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies. Through this support, economy air fare to and from Vienna, three nights of accommodation, and a honorarium of 400 Euros upon receipt of the final manuscripts will be available for selected speakers.

One page abstracts are requested by 30 April, 2009, conference papers by 20 August 2009, final papers for publication by 31 December 2009. Please send your proposals by email to all of the organisers listed below.

Dr. Joerg Mahlich, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Vienna/Austria, joerg.mahlich at wko.at<mailto:joerg.mahlich at wko.at>

Prof. Dr. Werner Pascha, Institute of East Asian Studies (IN-EAST), Duisburg-Essen University, Germany, werner.pascha at uni-due.de<mailto:werner.pascha at uni-due.de>

Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Head of Seoul Office, Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, seliger at hss.or.kr<mailto:seliger at hss.or.kr>


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