[KS] Exporting Hanguel Writing System

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To All,

The Indonesian story has excited many scholars but there were some cynicism
 But the idea of exporting Korean writing system is not new at all.

Well over 100 years ago, even before the word Hangul was coined, non other
Homer B. Hulburt* wrote:

p34 "There are a great many foreigners in China who are trying to evolve a
phonetic system
of writing for that country."

p35  " - - - the present writer has urged that the Chinese people be invited
to adopt
the Korean alphabet, which is as simple in structure as any, and capable of
the widest phonetic adaptation."
"- - - and the only work to be done in introducing it is to overcome the
sentimental prejudice
of the Chinese in favour of the ideograph."

*The Passing of Korea, 1906

Kwang-On Yoo
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