[KS] Rare and excellent footage of North Korean loggers in Russia on BBC TV Newsnight

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Dear all,
Huge thanks to Michael Rank for flagging this up.
I hope he won't mind it being broadcast more  widely.
Everyone concerned with Korea should watch this.
This is a fascinating and revealing report. It's the  first film
I've ever seen of North Korean logging camps in  Siberia.
And who knew that a British firm was profiting from  them?
Newsnight is a daily programme, so best be quick as I 
don't think it stays up online indefintely. But as of  now
you can watch it in full at _http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/newsnight_ 
This item starts about 27 minutes in, so just move the cursor  to the right.
(Wince as Kirsty Wark mispronounces Kim Jong-il,
but after that it only gets better.)
There's also a short video clip, for now, on Newsnight's front  page
at _http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/newsnight/default.stm_ 
and a presumably permanent summary article about it 
(which also includes the video clip) at
Simon Ostrovsky is an excellent investigative  journalist.
Google will lead you to other examples of his work,  for
instance in Uzbekistan and even Kalmykia:
Importantly, when he gets North Koreans to speak on  camera,
he is careful to disguise and protect them.  Unlike, it would seem, 
the gushing and much gushed-over Mss Ling and  Lee:
Highly recommended. Many thanks again to
Michael Rank for spotting this.
Aidan Foster-Carter 
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At the  last moment I have just spotted that Newsnight tonight (Wed) 
will have  "an extraordinary film which reveals the partnership between 
a  company run by British businessmen and the secretive and  repressive 
regime of North Korea, operating in a remote Russian  forest."

Michael Rank

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