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Dear Members of the KS List,

Academia Koreana, the Korean studies research institute of Keimyung University, is pleased to announce the publication of Acta Koreana Vol. 12, No. 2, the table of contents of which may be found at the foot of this e-mail. Acta Koreana is a refereed journal registered with the Korea Research Foundation and published semi-annually on 15 June and 15 December. Submissions of academic articles, interviews and book reviews in the field of Korean studies and translations of Korean literature are accepted throughout the year, but articles intended for the next issue Vol. 13, No. 1 should be submitted no later than 1 March, 2010. 

For more information about Acta Koreana's aims, editorial board, submission guidelines, subscriptions and so on, please visit our website at http://actkoreana.kmu.ac.kr

Best wishes,

Michael Finch

North Korean HipHop? 
Reflections on North Korean Diplomacy and the DPRK
By Adam Cathcart                                                                              1–19
The Three Faces of People’s Cinema: A Critical Review 
of the South Korean Independent Cinema Movement in the 1980s
By Park Nohchool                                                                            21–53
Civilian Life in Chosŏn during the Japanese Invasion of 1592:
The “Namhaeng illok” and “Imjin illok” in Swaemirok by O Hŭimun 
By Michael Finch                                                                              55–77
A Study of the Periodization of the History of Korean 
and Japanese Music
By Chun In Pyong                                                                            79–126
Soon Hyun (Hyŏn Sun) and His Place in the History of the 
IndependenceMovement: With Emphasis on the Korean Commission
By Robert Hyung-chan Kim                                                        127–183
“Glass Shield” by Kim Jung-hyuk
Translated by Kevin O’Rourke                                                      185–203
An Interview with Professor Young Ick Lew
Conducted by Michael Finch                                                         205–223
The Proletarian Gamble: Korean Workers in Interwar Japan . 
By Ken C. Kawashima.  
Mark E. Caprio                                                                               225–228
Who Ate Up All the Shinga? 
By Park Wan-suh. Translated by Yu Young-nan and Stephen Epstein.              
Horace Jeffery Hodges                                                               229–234
The Red Room: Stories of Trauma in Contemporary Korea .
By Pak Wan-sŏ, O Chŏng-hŭi and Im Ch’ŏr-u. 
Translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton. 
Charles Montgomery                                                                   234–238
War and Democracy: A Comparative Study of the Korean War
and the Peloponnesian War.
Ed. by David R. McCann and Barry S. Strauss. 
Stephen J. Epstein                                                                         238–243
Stone Mirror: Reflections on Contemporary Korea . 
By David I. Steinberg.   
Bernhard Seliger                                                                         243–244
Eastern Sentiments. 
By Yi T’aejun. Translated by Janet Poole.          
Kevin O’Rourke                                                                            244–248
Elites and Political Power in South Korea . 
By Byong-Man Ahn.       
Carl J. Saxer                                                                                   248–250 

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