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You might write to the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Policy and  
International Affairs, which should be the Office of Record for the  Agreement. 
 They may have some summary information or can point you to any  work by 
their now disbanded Historian's Office or National Archives  sources.
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Dear all, 

Can someone please let me know any reliable reading  for historical 
background of 'Agreement for Cooperation Between the Government  of the United 
States of America and the Government of the Republic of Korea  Concerning Civil 
Uses of Atomic Energy' signed on February 3, 1956?  

I think 'U.S.-Korean Relations From Liberation To Self-Reliance:  The 
Twenty-Year Record' by Donald Stone Macaonald is one of what I can refer  to, and 
I hope I can find some more.  

Thanks in advance. Sincerely, 

Hang Ryeol Na from SUNY-ESF
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