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Dear Korean Studies members,


I'd like to share the following info about an annual student-run cultural
and academic program for university students from Korea and the US.  If you
could share any interested students or peers, we would greatly appreciate
it.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
202-289-9088 or via email at jykim at iscdc.org.  


Thank you.






KASC Now Accepting Applications


Recruitment is now open for the 2nd Korea-America Conference (KASC) to take
place July 12-August 12, 2009 in South Korea.


KASC is an annual student-organized conference which brings together 50
students for a month of intellectual discussion, travel, and cross-cultural
engagement. Delegations are comprised of highly-motivated undergraduate and
graduate students from the U.S. and Korea selected for a range of
backgrounds and academic interests. Each conference is conceptualized,
planned, and led solely by students. This year, KASC will travel to Seoul,
Gwangju, Jeju, and Busan.


A unique function of the KASC experience is that it inspires mutual trust,
understanding, and friendship in students from a wide range of backgrounds
on both sides of the Pacific.  Half of each delegation represents U.S.
universities, the other half Korean universities. Although many U.S.
delegates have backgrounds in Korean Studies, students with no prior
involvement with East Asia bring diverse viewpoints to share with their
overseas counterparts, and come away with life-long memories and friends.
KASC is also a good opportunity for Asian studies majors with concentrations
other than Korea to gain insight into other perspectives on East Asian


The application postmark deadline is March 6th, 2009.


Applications and more information are available at http://www.iscdc.org
<http://www.iscdc.org/> . Or, email kasc at iscdc.org, or call (202) 289-9088.




Ju-young Kim

Program Assistant 

International Student Conferences, Inc.

1150 18th Street, NW Suite LL2

Washington, DC 20036

t: 202-289-9088

f: 202-789-8265

e-mail: jykim at iscdc.org



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