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Dear list members, 
We are pleased to announce the publication of Korea Journal, vol. 49, no. 2. This issue contains four articles that were commissioned and written on the topic of “A Contemporary History of the Korean Peninsula from an International Political Perspective,” along with three papers selected through rigorous peer review by the journal’s editors and guest reviewers, and one book review selected through our “Call for Book Reviews” announced last February. 
The first paper, written by Sang-Yoon Ma, examines international causes of South Korea’s dramatic political changes and the accompanying shift in national policy priorities during the early 1960s. While narrating South Korean political history from the downfall of Rhee Syngman to the establishment of the Park Chung-hee regime, the author demonstrates that U.S. policy functioned as a structural cause for the change of South Korea’s national policy priorities from unification to economic development. 
The second paper, by Seongji Woo, examines South Korea’s decision to open dialogue with North Korea in the détente period, and argues that changes in threat perception, regime characteristics, and the distribution of power between the two Koreas led the Park Chung-hee administration to a new North Korea policy. 
Kabwoo Koo reviews inter-Korean relations in the period from 1980 to 1997, and examines how détente formed and then declined on the Korean peninsula, making the peninsula’s division system more difficult to overcome.
In the fourth paper, Kun Young Park tries to reveal the truth of the alleged North Korean Highly Enriched Uranium Program that spawned the current nuclear crisis and has greatly affected the contemporary history of the Korean peninsula. The paper also looks at how the failure of the Bush administration to adequately address the nuclear issues on the peninsula has hindered the solution of the “peninsula problem” for the Koreas and the rest of the world.
This issue’s table of contents is as follows: 
A Contemporary History of the Korean Peninsula
from an International Political Perspective
Kun Young PARK / [On this topic] A Contemporary History of the Korean Peninsula from an International Political
Sang-Yoon MA / From “March North” to Nation-Building: The Interplay of U.S. Policy and South Korean Politics during the Early 1960s 
Seongji WOO / The Park Chung-hee Administration amid Inter-Korean Reconciliation in the Détente Period: Changes in the Threat Perception
KOO Kab-Woo / Regime Characteristics, and the Distribution of Power Gone but Not Dead, Sprouting but Not Yet Blossoming: Transitions in the System of Division, 1980-1997
Kun Young PARK / Nuclear Politicking on the Korean Peninsula: A Highly Enriched Uranium Program Coming Out of the Pandora’s Box
Youngmin KIM / “Questions to the Creator” in Korean Intellectual History
Sugmin YOUN, Namjun KANG, and Heejin KIM / The Never-Ending Myth: An Analysis of the Sociopsychological Mechanism of Hwang Woo-Suk Syndrome
SIHN Kyu-hwan / Unexpected Success: The Spread of Manchurian Plague and the Response of Japanese Colonial Rule in Korea, 1910-1911
Andrew Eungi KIM / Korean Evangelical Women’s Conversion and Institutional Involvement: Negotiating with Religious Patriarchy

Taking this opportunity, we would like to remind the list members that we welcome any submissions relevant to the field of Korean Studies. 
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