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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Tue Jun 9 07:22:50 EDT 2009

The Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch is proud to announce the publication of Volume 83 of its journal Transactions, dated 2008, (Volume 1 was published in 1900). The Table of Contents is as follows:
The Inquiring Literatus: Yi Sugwang’s “Brush-Talks” with Ph?ng Kh?c Khoan in Beijing in 1598, by William F. Pore
An Expedition to Korea to Rescue the Crew of The Narwal in April 1851, by Robert Neff
Yi Toegye, John Calvin, and the Love of Learning in Korea, by Daniel J. Adams
History and Justice: Approaches to the Dokdo Issues, by Kim Yongdeok
Squirrels of Lone Tree Mountain, poems by Jeremy Seligson
Beneath our Feet: Geology and Landscape of Seoul, by Rodney Grapes and Gyeong-Nan Jeong

The volume also contains the President's annual report, lists of lectures and tours, lists of members and a list of the books published by the RASKB.

The articles will be added to the Cumulative Indexes in the coming days. These indexes are temporarily lodged in my home page, until the RASKB home page is redesigned, at http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/Transactions.htm

Copies of Transactions are mailed free to all members of the RASKB. Copies may be purchased by non-members for Won 15,000. A small number of libraries are also members and so receive the journal automatically. I should point out that bound volumes of Transactions from the beginning until now are available for purchase (5 issues bound in each volume) from the RASKB office, (see http://www.raskb.com/  click 'Other Publication' and then 'Transactions'). Some libraries have purchased the set as published in 1970 or in 1985 but have not continued to update the series, I believe . . .

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, Seoul
Chair, Publications Committee, RASKB

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