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This trio of new reports from the International Crisis  Group
looks timely and useful, at this rather worrying  juncture.
ICG's past reports on Korea are also well worth checking  out:
A list of these is appended.
Peace to one and all,
Aidan FC
Aidan Foster-Carter 
Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Sociology  & Modern Korea, Leeds 
Flat 1, 40 Magdalen Road, Exeter, EX2 4TE,  UK 
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Recent ICG reports & briefings on  Korea:
    *   _North Korea: Getting Back to Talks_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=6163&l=1) , Asia Report  N°169, 18 June 2009  
    *   _North Korea’s Chemical and Biological Weapons Programs_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=6159&l=1) , Asia Report N°167, 18 June 
    *   _North Korea’s Nuclear and Missile Programs_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=6160&l=1) ,  Asia Report N°168, 18 June 2009  
    *   _North Korea's Missile Launch: The Risks of Overreaction_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=6030&l=1) , Asia Briefing N°91, 31 
March 2009  
    *   _North Korea-Russia Relations: A Strained Friendship_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=5198&l=1) , Asia Briefing N°71, 4 December 
    *   _After the North Korea Nuclear Breakthrough: Compliance or  
Confrontation?_ (http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=4795&l=1) , Asia 
Briefing N°62, 30 April 2007   
    *   _North Korea’s Nuclear Test: The Fallout_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=4502&l=1) , Asia  Briefing N°56, 13 November 2006  
    *   _Perilous Journeys: The Plight of North Koreans in China and  
Beyond_ (http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=4469&l=1) , Asia Report 
N°122, 26 October 2006  
    *   _After North Korea’s Missile Launch: Are the Nuclear Talks  Dead?_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=4332&l=1) , Asia Briefing 
N°52, 9 August 2006  
    *   _China and North Korea: Comrades Forever?_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3920&l=1) , Asia  Report N°112, 1 February 2006  
    *   _Japan and North Korea: Bones of Contention_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3533&l=1) ,  Asia Report N°100, 27 June 2005  
    *   _North Korea: Can the Iron Fist Accept the Invisible  Hand?_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3388&l=1) , Asia Report N°96, 25 
April 2005  
    *   _Korea Backgrounder: How the South Views its Brother from Another  
Planet_ (http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3173&l=1) , Asia 
Report N°89, 14 December 2004  
    *   _North Korea: Where Next for the Nuclear Talks?_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=3101&l=1) ,  Asia Report N°87, 15 November 2004  
    *   _North Korea: A Phased Negotiation Strategy_ 
(http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?id=1655&l=1) ,  Asia Report N°61, 1 August 2003 

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