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Hello, Mercedes -- welcome to our humble list.

The text that you need to start with is certainly Dr
Grayson's "Myths and Legends from Korea: An Annotated 
Compendium of Ancient and Modern Materials"

I see that they're charging a ridiculous price for it,
as it's now become rare, but you might be able to find
a used one or some other way -- we can hope that this
classic standard-setter will soon be re-issued as an
affordable paperback!

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> Hello, everyone, my name is
> Mercedes and I'm new to this mailing list. I'm a
> Psychology student in Argentina who is very interested on
> Korean Studies, and I'd like to know if someone can help
> me. I'm working on an essay/paper/presentation (I
> apologize for my grammar and vocabulary mistakes, my English
> still needs improvement) for the 5th National Congress on
> Korean Studies in my country and I'm having difficulties
> finding information and resources. My work is an overlook
> on Korean myths from a Structural and Psychoanalytical
> approach. So far I've only found the myths of Tangun,
> Chumong and Hyokkose. Does anyone know where I can find more
> myths to work on? Any tip or lead will be useful.
> Thank you for taking the time to read this message and
> nice to meet you all.
> Mercedes.

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