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I've been asked to forward this announcement to those who
may be interested in a Korean cultural heritage program that will take
place on July 1-3 in Korea. Inquiries should be sent ASAP to Ms.
Youn-kyung Lee (potter829 at gmail.com) of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre for the Asia-Pacific (ICHCAP).

Kind regards,
Katherine In-Young Lee

Ph.D. Candidate in Ethnomusicology
Harvard University

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kilee at fas.harvard.edu


Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Korea Programme

The Training Centre for Traditional Culture (TCTC), within the Korean
National University of Cultural Heritage, and the Intangible Cultural
Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (ICHCAP) are co-sponsoring a
programme entitled “Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Korea”. This
programme is aimed at raising awareness of Korean Cultural Heritage,
promoting mutual understanding and solidarity amongst various cultures
as well as creating a culture of exchange and cooperation. We look
forward to your interest and participation in this programme. Thank

■ Overview

•    Date: Wed 1 July - 3 July 2009, three days 

•    Venues: The Training Centre for Traditional Culture, heritage sites in Buyeo, Namwon, Gangjin, Mokpo

•    Organizers: ICHCAP / TCTC

•    Participants: Approximately 30 people (Overseas undergraduate and
post-graduate students, foreign researchers affiliated with
universities, etc.) 

•    Programme: Understanding the cultural heritage of Korea and on-site experience with Korean traditional culture

■ Information 

•    Criteria upon selection 

- Recommendation by university dean or professors of the departments 

- Fluent in English 

- Submission of all required documents (application form & essay)

•    Application period: Wed 8 June - Wed 24 June 

•    Office in charge of application: 

Ms. Youn-kyung LEE

Information & Research Section

Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia-Pacific (ICHCAP)

Tel 042-820-3508 / Fax 042-820-3500 / E-mail: potter829 at gmail.com 

•    Application process: Applications or referrals submitted via e-mail or fax

(Application deadline: 24 June 2009 (15:00), Programme slots may be
filled before the deadline, apply early for the best chances.) 

•    Decision: via e-mail

■ Participation fee: 15,000 Korean won 

(includes textbook and accommodation fee)

■ Programme

   Day 1: Southern Chungcheong Province, 1 July

   Morning: Seoul → Buyeo (09:00 a.m. Gyeongbok Palace)

   Afternoon: Chungnam Province site visits

              Workshop I

   Evening: Welcome dinner 

            Performance of the Baekje Gayageum Orchestra


Day 2: Buyeo & Namwon, 2 July

   Morning: Workshop II

            Lecture I

   Afternoon: Buyeo heritage site visits 

             Buyeo → Namwon

   Evening: Workshop & Performance by the Namwon Municipal Orchestra for Korea Traditional Performing Art

            Namwon → Gangjin Jujak Natural Forest Resort

Day 3: Gangjin & Mokpo, 3 July

   Morning: Gangjin Celadon Museum Visit & Workshop

   Afternoon: Gangjin → Mokpo

Lecture II

              Mokpo → Seoul (19:30p.m.)

1. Heritage Sites Visits

•    Chungnam province heritage site visits: 

- Buddhist architecture

- Gongju National Museum 

- Tomb of King Muryeong (The ancient tumulus of King Muryeong, who ruled the Baekje Kingdom from 501 to 523, and his queen)

•    Buyeo heritage site visits: 

- National Museum of Buyeo

- Gungnamji

- Jungrimsaji (Baekje Buddhist temple site) 

•    Gangjin heritage site visits: 

- Gangjin Celadon Museum

2. Lecture & on-site experiences with Korean traditional culture

•    World heritage in Korea

•    Introduction to underwater heritage & marine culture

•    Pansori (Korean Traditional Epic Chant)

•    Gangjin Celadon 

3. Accommodation 

•    Buyeo: Training Centre for Traditional Culture 

•    Gangjin: Jujak Natural Forest Resort

■ Introduction of the Organisers


The Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific is
committed to the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in the
Asia Pacific region. The Centre contributes to strengthening
international capacity and solidarity throughout the region through its
areas of specialisation in information and networking. 

•    TCTC

The Training Centre for Traditional Culture was established under the
Korean National University of Cultural Heritage. It contributes to
cultivating experts in the field of ICH through organizing capacity
building programmes for various personnel involved in the safeguarding
and management of ICH.

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