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Dear list members,
Korea Journal invites submissions of original and unpublished manuscripts for its 2009 issues. 
As you may know, the Korea Journal is a peer-reviewed, English-language academic journal in the field of Korean Studies. It was founded in 1961 and is currently published quarterly by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, and is indexed in Institute for Scientific Information (ISI): Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and Current Contents: Arts & Humanities. 
Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by three specialists in the contributor's field of study. Contributors will be informed of the results of the review within four months after submission. 
Please send one printed copy and an additional electronic copy on an IBM compatible floppy disk, or as an e-mail attachment. Papers should be no longer than 7,000 words in English, including notes, tables, and figures. An abstract of 200 words or less and curriculum vitae should also be submitted. 
Papers must follow The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2003). The Korea Journal uses the new Romanization System by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (2000) for Korean terms; the pinyin system for Chinese; and the system used in the New Japanese-English Character Dictionary (Kenkyusha, 1990) for Japanese.
Additional guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts for submission to and publication in the Korea Journal are available upon request. Articles will be edited to conform to the Korea Journal style in matters of punctuation, capitalization, and the romanization of Korean names. 
Minor changes may be made in the interest of clarity without consulting the authors.
Please send submissions to:
Korea Journal
Korean National Commission for UNESCO 
C.P.O. Box 64, Seoul 100-600, Korea 
Phone: 82-2-755-6225 / Fax: 82-2-755-7477 / E-mail:kj at unesco.or.kr  
We look forward to reading your work! 

Korea Journal
Tel: 82-2-755-6224/6225
Fax: 82-2-755-7477
Web site: www.ekoreajournal.net cHQ7IEZPTlQtRkFNSUxZOiAnVGltZX
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