[KS] God in Korean

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Sat Mar 28 15:32:37 EDT 2009

Dear friends on the Koreanstudies List,

Part 12 of "Conversations with the Patriot" was published in the 
CanKor Report this week. This is the episode where I made use of the 
lively discussion on this list about the Korean word(s) for God, gods, 
spirits and the like.

If you are not subscribed to the CanKor Report, you may read the 
episode at the following link: 

If you would like to become a subscriber and read future episodes of 
the Patriot, here is where you can sign up: 

I have credited the Koreanstudies List both in CanKor Report #315-316 
and on the Global Collaborative website, as follows:

"In Part 12 Weingartner challenges Pak's claim that his faith in the 
Juche idea qualifies him as an atheist. First published in CanKor 
Report 315-316, 23 March 2008, the content of this episode benefited 
greatly from a discussion among Korea experts on the Koreanstudies 
mailing list. [To see a collection of Koreanstudies prior postings, 
visit the archives at 

Once again, thanks to all who contributed to my education last fall.

Erich Weingartner. 

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