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 Hi, Michael,
I'd recommend Shin's article on suicidal ideation and middle school bullying.
The problems of bullying are pretty well-documented, so the problem will be
in showing that the girl will be targeted in her school because of her background.
The situation in international/foreign schools is pretty cosmopolitan these days,
but from my experience, I would warn against trying to send her to a Korean 
school, where she would almost certainly be a target. At age 10, it would be
devastating to her in ways that adults would not even be able to ascertain.
My own experiences as a victim of bullying are somewhat out of date, but the basic cultural problem
hasn't changed all that much. Have the lawyers get in touch with me if I can be
of help.



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Dear List: 


I have a query from immigration lawyers on a case where a 10
year old daughter is being forced by the deportation of her father back to
ROK.? She is US born and has never lived in Korea nor does she speak any
Korean.? The case to avoid her forced deportation would be to show the
difficulties she would face in a transition to Korean schooling.? The lawyers
are focused on the issue of bullying in Korean schools. ?I know this occurs,
but before I start signing on to this I wonder what is out there in the way of
information on such practices in Korean schools.? I know there is aliterature
on the more studied case of Japan.? Any help from my better informed colleagues
out there?


Best Wishes, 


Mike Robinson 

Indiana University 


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