[KS] 'Maeil sinbo' (colonial period) online?

Eugene Y. Park epa at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Nov 11 19:37:52 EST 2009

Hi Frank,

I'd also check out 국사편찬위원회's searchable database. When you go to 
the site (http://www.history.go.kr/app.main.Main.top), you should see a 
search window in the left. Depending on your search, you might see among 
the hit source categories shown on your left the category, "serials" (연 
속간행물). My quick search on the key word '족보' yields 136 hits 
(including homonyms), most of which are from colonial period Korean 
newspapers. Among them, 109 are 동아일보 articles, with the rest 
including 조선중앙일보, 중외일보, 신한민보, and 매일신보.


Frank Hoffmann wrote:
> THANK YOU both!
> The "Digital Library" does not require any registration and works 
> quite woooonderfully. Thanks again.
> Frank

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