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Back from the Brink? Prospects for Inter-Korean Dialogue, Past and Present

					15 October 2009, 3:30-5:00pm

 The inter-Korean dialogue of 1971-1972 marked the
first significant thaw in relations between the rival regimes on the peninsula. To
this day, the July 4th North-South Joint Communique of 1972 is
considered a milestone in inter-Korean relations. Drawing upon newly
declassified documents from the archives of Romania, (East) Germany,
Bulgaria, and South Korea, scholars Bernd Schaefer, Jongdae Shin, Sunwon Park, and Gregg Brazinsky
will examine the lessons of the first breakthrough on the peninsula,
and apply them to the recent warming of relations and renewed dialogue.

5th Floor Conference Room

Woodrow Wilson Center

Visit www.wilsoncenter.org/nkidp for more information and to RSVP

Bernd Schaefer is a senior scholar with the Woodrow Wilson
Center's Cold War International History Project and a former research
fellow at the German Historical Institute in Washington. Schaefer's
publications include Cold War International Project Working Paper #44,
"North Korean 'Adventurism' and China's Long Shadow, 1966-1972."

Jongdae Shin is a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center,
and a professor at the University of North Korean Studies, Seoul.
Shin's research interests include North Korea's foreign relations and
inter-Korean relations in the 1970s. Prof. Shin's numerous publications
include Principal Issues of South Korean Society and State Control (co-author) (Yonsei University, 2005); and Theory of Inter-Korean Relations (co-author) (Hanul, 2005).

Sunwon Park is an expert in international relations and national
security, particularly U.S.-South Korea relations. He has served in the
government of the Republic of Korea as senior director for national
security strategy and planning, and also as secretary to the president
for national security strategy.

Gregg Brazinsky is an associate professor of history and
international affairs at the George Washington University. He is a
specialist on U.S.-East Asian relations during the Cold War. His work
focuses on the social and cultural impact of the United States on East
Asia. His book, Nation Building in South Korea: Koreans, Americans and the Making of a Democracy,
examines why South Korea was among the few post-colonial nations to
achieve economic development and political democracy. It is the first
book on the subject to use both American and Korean source materials.
Brazinsky serves as a senior advisor to NKIDP and as co-director of the
George Washington University Cold War Group.

NKIDP Document Reader #3, New Evidence on Inter-Korean Relations, 1971-1972, featuring over 160 pages of newly available South Korean, Romanian, East German, and Bulgarian documents
on the North-South dialogue is available for download at:

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