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Dear Members:

I'm trying to determine the English for the terms listed below. Charles Hucker's Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China gives some, but not all, and I'm also wondering if the translations would be different for the Korean context. I'm also listing my tentative translations. If they are incorrect, or if you know of better alternatives, please respond. Many thanks in advance. 

Deberniere Torrey

공조판서 gong jo pan seo (工曹判書): Minister of the Works Section

의금부 ui geum bu (義禁府): Justice and Prohibition Office (or Bureau)
(For this one, I've also seen Royal Prohibition Bureau; State Tribunal; and Royal Inspector's Office.)

포도부/ 포도부장 po do bu / po do bu jang (捕盜部/ 捕盜部將) Office for the Arrest of Bandits / Commander for the Arrest of Bandits. (This is what Hucker gives.)


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