[KS] Joseon-era official terms

James B. Lewis jay.lewis at orinst.ox.ac.uk
Thu Dec 30 23:09:39 EST 2010

This list from Brother Anthony looks like the oldest such list prepared 
in English by Ed Wagner as an Appendix to his Ph.D., but it appears to 
have been modified by applying the current ROK romanisations.

Wagner's appendix, Palais' glossary from his study of Yu Hyongwon, terms 
from Palais' Ph.D. publication on the 19th century, terms from 
Deuchler's Confucian Transformation, the glossary from the English 
translation of Tasan's Mongmin simseo (English title: Admonitions on 
Governing the People), and others have either been incorporated into the 
AKS online glossary or are in process now or have been submitted for 
inclusion. You'll note that for certain terms, familiar attributions 
appear as notes. But, the inclusion of these terms from our publications 
is not being taken at face value and terms are being filtered through 
experts in various fields with the intention of determining accuracy, so 
there will be differences. I don't really know what Don means by 
'standard translations', but I think he is referring to relying on one 
glossary or the other. Because the AKS has this wonderful online 
resource to which they are devoting resources, I think it behooves us to 
try and make it the 'standard' source for translations that will be 
available everywhere to anybody online. It would help if we users of 
these translations could have some recourse to feedback, and that's why 
I suggested we make efforts to ask that feedback and submission pages be 
written into the coding.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a history of the AKS 
devoting resources to compiling authoritative glossaries:

--Song, KiJoong, comp. Basic Glossary of Korean Studies. Seoul: Korea 
Foundation, 1993.
--Song Ki-joong, comp. Glossary of Korean Culture, Seoul: Chimundang, 2001.

The 1993 glossary uses the Mc-R system.

Happy New Year to all!

Jay Lewis

On 30-Dec-10 10:38 PM, Brother Anthony wrote:
> I am afraid I have lost the source but there is a standard list of
> Joseon titles with English translations that was published in a
> journal quite a long time ago. You can find it online at
> http://hompi.sogang.ac.kr/anthony/joseontitles.htm   then use your
> browser's search function to find the terms that you need
> Brother Anthony Sogang University, Seoul


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