[KS] first issue of Korean Histories

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Jan 6 07:08:17 EST 2010

Hi Roald and Remco:

Form *is* content, form *is* program, form *is* an expression of 
anyone's consciousness, social status, hierarchies, ideological 
outview, etc. And form also *is* communication.

QUOTE - http://koreanhistories.net :

>>  devoted to research that heavily relies on other sources than
>>  the conventional written historical sources
>>  the formation of historical visions of groups, communities
>>  and both non-professional and professional historians
>>  when unconventional, easily accessible and non-hegemonic sources
>>  such as music, art, religious concepts, the internet, blogs (...)
>>  are used
>>  alternative persectives on Korean history
>>  present awareness of the social functions of historiography

How far can you possibly go when talking about alternative sources 
such as Internet blogs or music when you are concerned about how your 
work (or your journal) is being quoted ("page numbers" ... by the 
way, all academic style manuals do have clear rules for that), if you 
do close your own doors to this. How can you talk about alternative 
sources and interpretations while clinging on to yesterday's formats? 
I too have no problem moving along with this, we all have been 
trained in these conventions. But reading your fresh statements on 
the main page of the journal I see so many contradictions with the 
actually implemented format that I would have problems taking the 
approach as such for serious .... yet, there is no way to even 
articulate that on your site. So, what is your authority to talk 
about alternative views and interpretations of Korean history, how 
can you say this when the entire journal format, the entire editorial 
and publishing and (missing) feedback process is that of traditional 
academic journals. You are not seeing a main contradiction is this?
>>  'letters to the editor' format
Oh please please, can we slowly move to the 21st century?

It's easy to change the format of such e-journal. I hope you will.


Frank Hoffmann

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