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Fellow Korea-Scholars,
Some of you already know about the late "Horae" Dr. Zo Zayong [Jo Ja-yong], pioneering collector and scholar of / advocate for Korea's Folk-art and other traditions.  Those who respect and wish to honor and preserve his memory and legacy will hold a large-scale gathering and memorial ceremony on the 10th Anniversary of his passing-on to the spirits, which is January 30, 2010.
You are invited to attend, if you are in Seoul.
We will hold this event at the Gahoe Folk-Art Museum, in Gahoe-dong of the Bukchon district, Jongno-gu, north of downtown Seoul.  It starts about 6:30pm.

This is very much a public event, and we hope that everyone from any nation or walk of life who was influenced by or still appreciates Dr. Zo and his legacy will join us there!  Some dinner and drinks will be offered to all.  Those who cannot attend are still welcome to donate something to the ceremony, whether a personal message, an old photo or a small funding-donation.

In the late Spring of 2010, we will gather again down at his tomb and his Samshin-Hoegwan Teaching-Center (the former Emille Museum), in the southern area of Sogni-san National Park.   We have collected enough funds for a standing-stone memorial-monument to be inscribed for him, and we will all erect that biseok In a traditional ceremony next to his tomb, as well as visiting all the relevant sites down there associated with his lifeworks.

Please visit http://www.zozayong.com/ for more details.  There are photos up there of the gatherings in former years, and also samples of the artworks that he collected and cherished.
On that opening page, you can also find a link for free download of the 2nd issue of the Korean Art Society Journal, which is devoted to Zo Zayong as a tribute.  Just click to open it as a .pdf file.

Please keep watching that website for updates on the scheduling for these events and others, as I will post them there every time that I learn something new.  To contact me directly about any of this, please write or call. 

Sincere Regards to all,

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