[KS] AGS Library map: 1861 Territorial Map of the Great East online

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Ms Angie Cope,

Thank you so much for making the links available for us to view the 
Dae-Dong-Yeo-Ji-Do.  It is beautiful and in fact is the first time I ever 
saw the entire map in detail.  The only typo I found is in the publication 
date.  It had one too many 6s in "1861".  Sorry.
Kay Richards
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> Hello Everyone,
> I would like to bring to your attention that the American Geographical 
> Society Library 1861 map "Daedong yeojido" or "Territorial map of the 
> Great East" is online. You may follow this link to view all 22 sheets, 1 
> index sheet and 1 composite map:
> http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agdm,828
> There are only three known copies of this map in the United States.  Both 
> the AGS Library at UW Milwaukee and UC Berkeley have the 1861 edition and 
> an 1864 edition is held at Harvard.
> At the November 20, 2009 symposium "Korean maps of the 19th Century" ( 
> http://www4.uwm.edu/libraries/AGSL/korean_maps.cfm ) scholars from Korea 
> identified a few notable features of the AGS Library's copy. First, the 
> title page font matches that of the royal palace. Only one other known 
> copy held in Korea shares this style title page. In addition, the AGS 
> Library map has a hand drawn index sheet also showing the font of the 
> royal palace. No such index sheet has ever been seen before and was likely 
> made specially for George C. Foulk by King Kojong.
> Other materials displayed during the symposium were identified by Korean 
> scholars  Kihuk Kim (Pusan National University) and Kibong Lee (National 
> Library of Korea) as very valuable to researchers. Those  may be viewed 
> here:
> Haejwa Jondo or [A native map of Chosen] - 
> http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agdm,604
> Whole map of Seoul, 2nd Book - http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agdm,605
> Yeojido [atlas of Korea from between 1823-1869] - 
> http://collections.lib.uwm.edu/u?/agdm,705
> Shannon McCune and George C. Foulk Photographs of Korea - 
> http://www4.uwm.edu/libraries/digilib/agsphoto/index.cfm
> Thank you.
> **-Angie
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