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Dear colleagues,

I would also like to advertise an MLA panel I'm organizing for Jan. 2011
meeting.  Please see below.  Thank you.

*Session type*:Division*Organization*:East Asian Languages and Literatures
after 1900*Title of session*:Narrating Tortured Lives in East Asia*Submission
requirements*:250-word abstracts*Deadline for submissions*:4 Mar. 2010*
Description*:Papers on personal narratives of gender, class or social
oppression, fictional or historical. Comparative East Asian perspectives

In recent centuries, narrating lives in East Asian contexts have often been
manifested, on the one hand, as 'private' forms of literature such as
essays, diaries and letters, and, on the other, as biographies of
exceptional individuals whose tumultous life stories lead us to question,
problematize and complicate East Asian cultures' agenda for progress and
enlightenment.  And as such, these texts are motivated by and connected to
issues of power and possible changes in the existing status quo, whether
social, cultural, sexual or political.  This panel hopes to shed a new light
on these issues by exploring the theme of "torture," widely defined, and
challenges to oppression through historical changes found in the narration
of extraordinary lives in East Asian literature. Comparative East Asian
perspectives are welcomed.
  *Contact person information*Kelly Jeong (kelly.jeong at ucr.edu)

Kelly Y. Jeong
Assistant Professor,
Department of Comparative Literature & Foreign Languages
UC Riverside
900 University Avenue HMNSS 2401
Riverside, CA  92521

Tel  951 827 5007
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