[KS] drumming in traditional Korean music

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Don Kim @ UCLA ethnomusicology should be able to help
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Dear Hae-Sung:

I'm assuming you're looking for sources in English.  Keith Howard has
written quite a bit on folk drumming. Nathan Hesselink's  _P'ungmul_ is a
great resource on p'ungmulnori.  Both Howard and Hesselink include
information on training, patterns, and aesthetics in their work.

For information on p'ansori, kagok, sijo accompaniment, many of the sources
in English (Music of Korea or any similar introductory compilation) include
information on drum accompaniment.

Korean sources, such as traditional music theory books, would be a good
place to look initially.  To look more closely at the aesthetics of drum
accompaniment, a search for Korean sources focusing on well-known
accompanists might help.

I'm not aware of sources that detail the training of drummers for court
genres like sijo or for p'ansori accompaniment.  Perhaps someone else on the
list might know.

Hilary Finchum-Sung

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> Subject : [KS] drumming in traditional Korean music
> Dear List,
> ?
> I'm wondering whether there are any studies on drumming (of any sorts of
> drum-like instruments like janggo, buk, etc.) in traditional Korean music
> (again, of any sorts, although something on pansori or sijo reciting would be
> more helpful!).?In particular, I'm trying to find out how the drummers are
> trained and what the principles of placing strong/weak drum beats in music
> are....
> ?
> ?
> All the best,
> Hae-Sung
> ?
> ?
> ?
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