[KS] DVD, 1925 film by Norbert Weber, "Im Lande der Morgenstille"

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Jul 21 18:22:20 EDT 2010

Yes. THAT one is the KBS version -- which was 
commented, cut and altered, and harmonized with 
currently favorable terms of South Korea 
self-perception of the nation's history and 
modernization process. (This YouTube version was 
obviously taped by someone with a video camera in 
front of his TV set ... pretty bad quality.)


>I see that somebody has put 6 (9-minute-long) 
>sections from this dvd online through Youtube, 
>they are easily findable by doing a Google video 
>search for "( Norbert Weber, 1870 -1956 ) ‡‰†‘¿« 
>ƒÌø”«‹ 搟߿« „Ûø°º‚"
>Brother Anthony
>Sogang University, Seoul

Frank Hoffmann

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