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Just to add a bit...climbing mountains and shouting 'yaho!' is a favorite way to spend mornings, especially for males of the 50 and older set (it seems).  Since we live by Gwanaksan, we hear the climbers' calls every morning, beginning at about sun-up to 10 or as late as 11 am (but I'm sure this continues throughout the day, just more noticeable in the am when it is quiet out).

I concur with Roger.  It seems to be some sort of vocal exercise, something to energize one's self (or at least that's how it was explained to me).  A lot of people I know believe that being in or around mountains can energize a person, so perhaps the shouting enhances that.  

I'm not sure of the origins of this practice in Korea, or why shouting 'yaho' is the way to do it.

Hilary Finchum-Sung

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Dear Dr. Kramer, 

You might have hard pansori competition, as Liora Sarfati has suggested. 

Another possibility is that you heard a form of vocal exercise. Many (15-20) years ago, a large tract of land now taken up by Korea University hospital was vacant mountain and had had become a favorite early morning exercise location for local residents and others. I usually heard individuals shouting when I visited the place for own summer morning exercise. 

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Dear Listserve members, When I served a Fulbright in ROK in the mid-'90s, I noted a practice among (usually) older Koreans who, while hiking in the mountains, would loudly vocalize or shout. It seemed to be some kind of artful or health-giving practice. Does anyone have information about this? Is there a name for it? How prevalent is this practice? Any information would be appreciated. jk 

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