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The second issue ( 2.1) of Korean Histories is now available at www.koreanhistories.org <http://www.koreanhistories.org/>  with articles on modern Korean historiography, the politics of remembrance in South Korea, a critical essay on historical Buddhist Studies in Korea, a reflection on copyrights, identity and Korean historical dramas in China and an article on Koryŏ historiography. This issue also contains a digitized version of a 1695 Japanese edition of the Chingbirok or Book of Corrections. 

The idea of stagnation in Korean historiography: 
From Fukuda Tokuzō to the New Right <http://www.koreanhistories.org/files/Volume_2_1/KH_2_1%20Miller-The%20Idea%20of%20Stagnation.pdf> 
Owen Miller

When history is made: 
History, memory and the politics of remembrance in contemporary Korea <http://www.koreanhistories.org/files/Volume_2_1/KH_2_1%20De%20Ceuster-%20When%20History%20Is%20Made.pdf> 
Koen De Ceuster

Keep your enemies closer: 
Protecting Korea’s pop culture in China 
<http://www.koreanhistories.org/files/Volume_2_1/KH_2_1%20Maliangkay-Keep%20Your%20Enemies%20Closer.pdf> Roald Maliangkay

A search for new approaches to research on Korean Buddhist history <http://www.koreanhistories.org/files/Volume_2_1/KH_2_1%20Kim-%20Search%20for%20New%20Approaches.pdf> 
Jongmyung Kim


Writing history in Koryŏ:
Some early Koryŏ works reconsidered
Remco E. Breuker

Digital sources:

Kaibara Ekiken’s preface to Chingbirok: 
A Japanese edition of the Book of Corrections
<http://www.koreanhistories.org/files/Volume_2_1/KH_2_1%20Boot-Kaibara%20Ekiken's%20preface%20to%20Chingirok.pdf> W.J. Boot

The editors of Korean Histories also invite new submissions responding to the theme of historiography as social practice in Korea in the broadest sense possible. We seek original research on Korean history from all periods and dealing with all subjects. 


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