[KS] free 1980s books, Yônbyôn - language/linguistics

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sat Jun 12 06:55:28 EDT 2010

One man's trash is another man's treasure. I am clearing out shelfs,  
but for these particular books I feel uneasy about just trashing them.  
Maybe someone interested in language or linguistics of *Koreans in  
China* has an interest ... they are all from the early and mid-1980s,  
by. e.g. Ch'oe Ŭng-gu, former head of Korean Studies program at  
Beijing U, and others. Please contact me at hoffmann AT koreaweb.ws,  
do NOT reply to the list. You would pay for shipping (from Europe).


- 조선어문체론
- 언어학개론
- 계림류사와 고려시기조선어
- 朝鲜语简志 [in Chinese]
- 조선어학론문집
- 조선어토분류
- 조선말띄여쓰기해설
- 조선어문법
- 조선어문복습자료
- 조선말동의어
- 朝鲜语 / 조선어
- 언어와 사회생활
- 중학교조선어문교수법

- 조선어리론문법 (by 리근영)  [this one is from North Korea]
- 조선말례절법  [this one is from North Korea]

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