[KS] Photographs of Cheongyecheon in 1965, and other Seoul scenes

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Apologies to those on the ASCK and BAKS lists for  cross-posting. 
Dear friends and colleagues,

Sorry if this is old hat. But some  remarkable photographs of 
an impoverished Cheongyecheon in 1965 - and a wealth of
other images of Seoul in the 1950s-70s - can be found here:
Many thanks to Tom Coyner and Alan  Timblick for the link.

Already by 1982, when I first visited, there were  no
scenes remotely resembling this. The  extraordinary
pace of change in modern South Korea may be a cliché ,
but so stark a visual reminder can still make you  gasp.
Belated Samil greetings to one and all,
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