[KS] Films shot in North Korea between 1945 and 1950

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Sun Mar 14 07:32:12 EDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

A film and video archive specialist working with North Korean
film-makers has asked me to post the following request for help and
advice. Please respond directly to his e-mail address.

"I am a film and video archive specialist, at the moment involved in
some projects related to North Korea. As part of this work I have been
able to visit Pyongyang twice. I would be grateful if anyone has any
advice regarding possible sources for film shot in North Korea between
1945 and 1950. In particular, any film of Kim Il Sung together with
his wife Kim Jong Suk, and son Kim Jong Il. Also, another point of
interest is whether any film exists of Kim Il Sung's meetings with
Stalin. I have conducted research in Russia on this subject and am
familiar with the main archive collections there."
Name: Adrian Wood
Email: adrianjwood at aol.com

Leonid A. Petrov
Lecturer in Korean Studies
School of Languages and Cultures,
The Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney

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