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I think that Kim Jong Suk may be visible on those movies, however concerning Kim Jong Il it won't be possible to find something

here links to a movie focused on KJI (three parts):



Nicolas Levi - www.northkorea.pl

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In re: N. Korean films from 1945-1950, in the mid-1980s I reviewed several NK films in the National Archives, for the documentary Korea: The Unknown War. There were films of Kim's speeches, party meetings, the founding of the KPA in 1948, etc., but I don't recall seeing any film of Kim's wife or of Kim Jong Il. But I didn't see everything. I think these were films that were obtained during the UN occupation of the North in 1950. These films are available to anyone who wants to see them, and can be copied for the cost of doing it. 

Bruce Cumings

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>Dear Colleagues,
>A film and video archive specialist working with North Korean
>film-makers has asked me to post the following request for help and
>advice. Please respond directly to his e-mail address.
>"I am a film and video archive specialist, at the moment involved in
>some projects related to North Korea. As part of this work I have been
>able to visit Pyongyang twice. I would be grateful if anyone has any
>advice regarding possible sources for film shot in North Korea between
>1945 and 1950. In particular, any film of Kim Il Sung together with
>his wife Kim Jong Suk, and son Kim Jong Il. Also, another point of
>interest is whether any film exists of Kim Il Sung's meetings with
>Stalin. I have conducted research in Russia on this subject and am
>familiar with the main archive collections there."
>Name: Adrian Wood
>Email: adrianjwood at aol.com
>Leonid A. Petrov
>Lecturer in Korean Studies
>School of Languages and Cultures,
>The Faculty of Arts, University of Sydney
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>The SciencesPo Chair for Korean Studies would like to invite you to attend the 1st workshop meeting to plan for a series of research workshops for those who are working on dissertations or research projects in relation to Korea and East Asia in the field of social sciences. This gathering is designed to have an opporunity to share research interests and data source information, and to build up a research community of Korean Studies specialists in Paris.  The research workshop will be held on Thursday, March 18th at 4 pm in Chair's Office, Room 209, 13 rue de l'Universite, Paris. Refleshments and macarons will be served. For further inquiries, please contact Justine Guichard (justine.guichard at sciences-po.org)Hyuk-Rae Kim, SciencesPo Chair for Korean Studies.
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