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Dear Brother Anthony,

Do you know Professor Wada Haruki, a retired history professor from Todai. He is a well-known figure in Korean democratic circles and among the  newspaper reading public and academic circles in Japan. He is spending the year campaigning to have the Japanese government make appropriate apologies and take appropriate actions to commemorate the centennial. His email address is Haruki Wada <fwjg0575 at nifty.com>. His English is very good. He was a friend of KDJ and sat with me at the funeral. He's a good friend of Paik Nakchung and many others in Korean progressive circles. Because of his wide acquaintance in Japanese and Korean academic circles, he can be very helpful with this project. (Of course as a long-time activist and now a member of the RAS Council, I'll do everything I can to help this effort.)

Please contact Professor Wada and tell him I suggested you do so. As you can see, I am alerting him and will write to him in the next few days.

See you at the Council meeting on Monday,


On Mar 26, 2010, at 12:18 PM, Brother Anthony wrote to the Korean Studies List:

> I would be grateful for information about any academic conferences, symposia etc that are being held this year to mark the centenary of the annexation of Korea by Japan, especially those being held in English, either in Korea or elsewhere. 
> The Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch plans to publish a special edition of its Transactions dated 2010 next year devoted if possible to papers on the Japanese period. Submissions are welcomed.
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